Can someone explain this computer term to me please?

Answer We have got two types of Operating systems( Or in the other word windows) One is 32 bit edition which is the most common used and the other one is 64 bit edition which is mostly used by professiona... Read More »

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So I got this in my fortune cookie, but i dont get it someone explain please?

It's words of encouragement --- "You can do it!" Don't walk away from an opportunity -- face the challenge of life.

Can someone explain this "check in" to a hotel scenario for me please?

Your check-in date is 12/22. Even though it is legally 12/23 when you will arrive, hotels work on the night system. Just as you would more likely tell someone you are arriving Saturday night not ... Read More »

Can someone explain this *reason* for infant circumcision please - I don't get it?

It's just a myth (that's recently been debunked by the way) that some pro-circumcision (American) doctors used based on studies that they conducted themselves in the hopes of convincing people to c... Read More »

Will someone urgently show me how to do this question and explain clearly how to do it please?

i don't do Physics yet, but some I got some chunks of idea about this: try this:The formula:di/dt = v/Lmeans:The rate of change expressed in current is equal to the voltage divided by the inductan... Read More »