Can someone explain this computer term to me please?

Answer We have got two types of Operating systems( Or in the other word windows) One is 32 bit edition which is the most common used and the other one is 64 bit edition which is mostly used by professiona... Read More »

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Please Explain What Computer Cookies Are?

Everyone loves a batch of warm, gooey cookies fresh from the oven, but there's never been quite so much love for tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are commonly talked about, frequently feared, and... Read More »

Is the alienware x51 a good computer for gameing explain?

Don't go anyless then a i5. I3 is for medium gaming and i5 you can run games on high to ultra and the i7 the video cards never takes full advantage of the processor get the i5 for 1000 and you will... Read More »

List and explain the key characteristics of a computer family?

A computer family?Papa Computer - Very grumpy, balding, beer belly.Mama Computer - Nags alot, not to be trusted with a credit cardBaby Computer - Uses up diapers like nothing else on Earth, has unl... Read More »

What does this computer term mean?

Well wifi is wireless internet, and the definition of intermittent could be one of these 1. stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again: an intermittent pain.2. alternat... Read More »