Can someone explain college grants?

Answer to apply for a grant to go to college go to http://fafsa.ed.govRead this book cover to cover, it will help and explain all the different kinds of aid you are applying for. Read More »

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Grants for college My husband wants to go to college. We have 3 kids, so it's hard for me to work.?

It may or may not be possible on the college grants because they are based on the income of the prior tax income filing, savings, marital status, and total members in the family. For example, if he... Read More »

Free college grants for college?

Fastweb is awesome! They give you offers for scholarships, grants, jobs and internships around the area of your school. It asks you a bunch of questions about your likes and dislikes and what you w... Read More »

Why on line college,please explain?

Online education has the ability to set your own time and you can attend classes from anywhere. It is not expensive than traditional education and create schedule that is suitable for you.

How to Explain a Bad Grade on a College Essay?

Bad grades happen to everybody. Even top students get their share of Cs and Ds every so often. Whether you are explaining this grade to a parent or to a graduate school admissions committee, rememb... Read More »