Can someone else see what you do in your iPod through another computer?

Answer no but there is an app that let you see what others do on their computer

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How Can I Send My Pictures From the Computer Through a Text Message to Someone Else?

Most mobile providers include a personal email address with your phone where you can send emails from your computer that show up as texts on your cellphone. Although not all carriers or subscriptio... Read More »

How dificult will it be to get another insurance polycy if it was canceled because someone else had an accident on your car who is not on the policy?

Answer First of all you should not let this happen. Most states allow you to formally exclude any driver (listed or otherwise) from a policy in order to avoid an adverse action on the policy. Sec... Read More »

If you plug your iPod into another computer will all of your songs be deleted?

it depends on what kind of ipod it is. I have the little clip-on mini and a bubble pops up on the computer asking me if i want to delete my songs and continue or if i want to take it back out of th... Read More »

How to Get Songs Onto Your iPod from Another Computer?

If you have multiple computers you may need to get songs from one to another.