Can someone else be connected to my internet?

Answer Only wireless can they do that. And thats only if you do not turn on the key to the wireless router. Wireless has a key on the bottom label that you have to enter onto your computer's wireless set... Read More »

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How can I connect my wirelessly internet connected desktop( win XP ) to my laptop ( linux mint ) for internet?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)Cards Supported…Troubleshooting/Howto/General Read More »

Are you connected to the Internet?

Can someone tell I'm connected to the wireless internet?

Yes he could find out by typing in the Routers IP address in to your Web Browser. Usally your routers IP is and if everything is default your User Name and Password will be admin. Try t... Read More »

Blue Ray Do you have to be connected to internet?

is there such a thing can convert car DVD player to blue ray dvd? if there is, i am glad to buy one.