Can someone describe what light boost is in Cinema 3D?

Answer Light boost is a trade name for the screen coating used in LG 3D televisions. It is claimed to make the image brighter and overcome the loss of brightness due to the polarizing glasses used for 3D ... Read More »

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I read about this 3d light boost technology in a review of LG cinema 3D TV, what exactly is that?

Here is some explanation from LG official website: '3D Light Boost' technology indicates a special, thin film covering the screen that counteracts any dimness that can occur within 3D images. With ... Read More »

What is TV Light Boost Technology?

It is a technology used in LG's 3D television that helps to overcome some of the issues with polarizing the light from the screen. The issues are specific to passive 3D television so similar device... Read More »

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