Can someone decrpyt this for me and tell me how to decrypt?

Answer You sure it's not just an MD5 check sum? Otherwise, bust out the rainbow tables. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then forget it.

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What type of encryption is this How would I decrypt it?

To encrypt a word use the ascii code set to shift individual letters:1st letter is shifted 0 places2nd letter is shifted 1 place3rd letter is shifted 2 places4th letter is shifted 3 placesand so on... Read More »

Can someone tell me what this is!?

She needs to seek some medical care. Sounds like there is an issue with circulation. She seriously needs to be seen asap before there is some permanent damage. Did she injure herself?

Someone can tell me the name of this song?

Can someone please tell me if I can use this train?

You may catch that train because you're going further than Long Buckby.