Can someone decrpyt this for me and tell me how to decrypt?

Answer You sure it's not just an MD5 check sum? Otherwise, bust out the rainbow tables. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then forget it.

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How to Batch Decrypt With GNU GPG?

One question frequently asked in GPG news groups is "How do I decrypt more than one file at a time?"

How to Decrypt a PDF File?

Adobe Acrobat (full version) is the global standard and the official application for Portable Document Format (PDF) document creation and modification. Using the Adobe Acrobat tool, PDF documents m... Read More »

Decrypt a XOR string ?

Sounds like you are being had; Triple XOR is exactly the same as Single XOR. If a is your input, and b is your key, "Triple XOR" would mean a XOR b XOR b XOR bXOR is its own inverse: b XOR b == ide... Read More »

What type of encryption is this How would I decrypt it?

To encrypt a word use the ascii code set to shift individual letters:1st letter is shifted 0 places2nd letter is shifted 1 place3rd letter is shifted 2 places4th letter is shifted 3 placesand so on... Read More »