Can someone crack this code for me010010010010011101101101001…?

Answer Try using this:…It says that the code is not divisble by 8, but after deleting some characters I was able to get the word 'I'm.' So I guess your friend is ... Read More »

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What is the hardest code to crack?

Who is the queen whose name helped crack the code on the Rosetta stone?

After translating the name of the pharaoh Ptolomy from hieroglyphics on one section of the Rosetta Stone in 1814, Englishman Thomas Young set out to find the name of his queen, Berenika, on another... Read More »

What is the most Dangerous form of Crack (Crack, Cocaine or Crystal Meth or none of above someother typecrack?

Cocaine and crack are cocaine; cystal meth is methamphetamine, a totally different drug. Crack is much more dangerous than cocaine; its potential for addiction is so bad, one use can cause it. And ... Read More »

There are ants coming into our kitchen through a crack in the wall. The crack is impossible to fill. Now what?

Buy some stuff to put down that the ants eat and then take back to their nest and so kills the rest of them. Should be easy enough to find at big supermarket or hardware shop.