Can someone crack this code for me010010010010011101101101001…?

Answer Try using this:…It says that the code is not divisble by 8, but after deleting some characters I was able to get the word 'I'm.' So I guess your friend is ... Read More »

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What's this tumblr theme called -or, can someone code it for me?

Based upon this URL that you gave: If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the web page, it will actually tell you where that theme came from: Aja Westhttp://an... Read More »

Can someone please convert this python code into c/c++?

What is this code for? The variables are not understandable. If you mention what the code is supposed to do, there might be an even better way to do it in C/C++.For queries, email or IM me.

What is the hardest code to crack?

How to Crack Someone Else's Back?

What happens when we "crack our backs"? Current belief is that the "crack" noise is air bubbles within our joints being ruptured. This can happen when we apply forces to our spinal joints, but rare... Read More »