Can someone cheer me up?

Answer Here's a joke.A guy walks up to a pirate and says, "Hey, you know you got a steering wheel in your pants?"The pirate says "Arrrrrr, it's drivin' me nuts!!"Get it????Hehehe. **hugs** hope you get we... Read More »

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How to Cheer Someone Up?

Everybody gets sad from time to time. If you want to know how to cheer someone up, here are some simple steps to help you get them started on the way to healing.

Someone please cheer me up?…So sorry about what happened, hope you feel better. This put a smile on my face, maybe it'll do the same for you:)

How to Cheer Up Someone Who Has a Broken Heart?

Suffering a broken heart can cause a deep and permeating sadness for a friend. There might be any number of causes for a broken heart, from a divorce to the death of a loved pet. Though the misery ... Read More »

How to Cheer Up?

Cheering up is easier said than done, but if it gets people to quit telling you to perk up as though that idea had never occurred to you, it’ll be well worth the effort. To help yourself get out ... Read More »