Can someone asnwer my Facebook question?

Answer No. Because your album is only you, can see it. They won't see any hidden photos as well as the messages written on it. But I'm not so sure if you commented on your photo maybe they can see it.

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Facebook question. If you block someone but you still have a mutual friend,?

No, they should be completely invisible to you and vice versa.

Is someone interested to join yahoo question and answer group on Facebook?

Yes , im already one of the member like that created by my friend hiren . its so much of fun ....

How to Recommend Someone Become Friends With Someone Else on Facebook?

Facebook lets you befriend other member's of the social networking website, allowing you to keep in touch with buddies and family online. After racking up your allotment of friends, you can share t... Read More »

How do i find someone on facebook that lives in ireland, I have tried my search from my facebook and it didn't?

If you have her email address then paste it into the facebook search bar, what's her name, i probably know her lol