Can someone answer my question Thanks!?

Answer You can't use your printer as a scanner unless it's classified as a scanner. If it's a flatbed or a feed scanner, you can. If it's just a printer, or your not sure, you probably can't. If it's a pr... Read More »

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Do you folks say thanks when someone post you a helpful answer?

I say thankyou even if it isn't a helpful answer. At least someone took the time to try to answer my question.

Can someone please answer my question?

Can someone answer the hair question I posted earlier?

the size of your hair follicle determines the texture larger follicles make coarser hair smaller ones make finer hair, maybe your hair follicles are different sizes. the shape of hair shafts in the... Read More »

Can someone please answer this financial aid question?

Yes. You might have to petition for it, but probably not.