Can someone Please tell me how to copy + Paste !?

Answer COPY AND PASTE USING THE MOUSEPut the mouse at the beginning of what you want to copy and click the left mouse button, holding it down while you drag over the section.Drag across or down. At the en... Read More »

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Will someone PLEASE tell me the easy way to copy and paste?

Hilight the word(s).Click CTRL-CPlace the cursor where you want to put the word(s)Click CTRL-V

Hi can anyone tell me how i paste / copy files?

Like this:HighlightRight-click over highlighted areaSelect CopyGoto where you would like information copiedRight-clickSelect paste

Please help copy and paste ERROR?

Can someone help, i am trying to use the copy and paste, but it isn't working.?

There are two ways to cut and paste. Try both waysOption 1:1. Hightlight the text2. Right Click3. Click Copy4. Go to Word5. Right click or go to Edit and click PasteOption 2:1. Highlight text2. Hit... Read More »