Can somebody tell me what is c++?

Answer C++ is an object oriented programing language.Here we use object and classes follows the bottom up approach.Lots and lots of advantages are there in using this language here we can use the useful c... Read More »

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Can somebody please tell me what this Sophie's mum did?

This is just hearsay..... I'm assuming it's truth since all these legit members are saying the same thing.Apparently, she has like 15 troll accounts that are all very different. Supposedly it has b... Read More »

I might sound stupid but can somebody please tell me what a blog is?

You're not stupid. A blog is short for web log. It's an online diary or notebook of sorts. There are many popular blog sites such as Livejournal, MySpace and Google blogs. Yahoo has their own blog ... Read More »

Somebody tell me what pillow shams are, and what their purpose is. Thanks.?

Pillow shams are a more decorative way to match your comfortor. Instead of you just slipping a pillow case over your pillow the shams are split in the middle and you stuff your pillow in. That way ... Read More »

Can somebody tell me?

Try going to My Computer and then double-click the CD drive and look for a setup.exe file on the CD in order to start the install. If you know the name of your cam, then you can go to the manufactu... Read More »