Can somebody tell me?

Answer Try going to My Computer and then double-click the CD drive and look for a setup.exe file on the CD in order to start the install. If you know the name of your cam, then you can go to the manufactu... Read More »

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Can somebody tell me what is c++?

C++ is an object oriented programing language.Here we use object and classes follows the bottom up approach.Lots and lots of advantages are there in using this language here we can use the useful c... Read More »

Can somebody tell me the history of Boxxy?

How to Tell Somebody to Not Call You Everyday?

They call you everywhereCallers who call you almost everyday or even more can get on your nerves! When you reach the top of the your anger measurements, you say nasty things to them. Use this metho... Read More »

Somebody please tell me how to cope?

My son was diagnosed with a very rare abdominal sarcoma over two years ago. We sat in his hospital room while a team of doctors and nurses patiently outlined every single tumor in his body. The tum... Read More »