Can somebody recommend a good GPS?

Answer The Garmin Nuvi line of GPS models are really good. They have audible voice commands for the driver and if you only require the maps that come with the GPS (all of North America) then there are no ... Read More »

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Hi! my McAfee security is due 2 expire. Can somebody recommend a good replacement?

Please do not buy a antivirus if you do not have very very important work with pc.Its waste of money cause even if it infects ur pc even though u have the softwares mentioned below then a knowledge... Read More »

Could somebody please recommend a new laptop for me?

a lot of answers here :-)if you're looking for a laptop with the ability to play games all depends on 3 parts: graphics card, fast CPU, enough ram.Dell atm has an excellent offer for £449 (expires... Read More »

I enjoy bird watching, but the camera I have is not very good for that. Could any body recommend some few good?

For birding, you need a camera with a high power telephoto lens (not necessarily a super-zoom), unless you can entice them to come in close to you (bird feed, etc). A lens 500mm or more in focal l... Read More »

Can anybody recommend any good eye make-up and a good mascara?

Clinique is good, it´s very kind on your eyes and works well.