Can somebody please tell me where...the numeral symbal for X is on a PC keyboard is?

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What is an Arabic numeral?

Arabic numerals are the numerals used in the United States and most of the world. Arabic numerals originated in India and were adopted by the Arabs. The current form of Arabic numerals dates from a... Read More »

What does the roman numeral MCMLIII mean?

The roman numeral MCMLIII stands for the year 1953. The M stands for 1000, the CM stands for 900, the L stands for 50 and the III stands for 3. The numeral system was used in ancient Rome, and was ... Read More »

Roman Numeral Games?

Roman numerals have been used since the early days of the ancient Roman culture, perhaps dating back to the pre-Roman Etruscans and Greeks, and remained in common use across Europe until the arriva... Read More »

How to Convert to a Mixed Numeral?

In an improper fraction, the top number, or numerator, is larger than the bottom number, or denominator, making the value of the fraction greater than one. You can simplify an improper fraction int... Read More »