Can somebody please help me with this vapor ciggs?

Answer blu ciggs are the worst, people have so many problems with those from what I read...Check out this forum -- they have an answer for EVERYTHING. It's the larg... Read More »

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Which is worse ciggs or old marj jane ?

Studies have shown that one "average" sized joint packs the same amount of toxins as an entire pack of cigarettes. You can actually get lung disease faster (much faster) by smoking weed than by sm... Read More »

What's easiest way to stop smoking ciggs?

Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit.- Everyone is different in the way they stop smoking.- What worked for someone might not w... Read More »

Why is that when i ask a question about smoking ciggs people tell me how dangerous it is but..?

Its the new world. Eating artery cloggers like big macs is fine. Smoking not fine.The ads are so the government makes money taxing cigarettes.They cant do it to food, people would understanibly fli... Read More »

I smoke (normal ciggs) and i am 16. will this interfere with my gorwing any taller?

Don't know about height, but smoking does make you impotent which in my opinion is alot worse than not being tall.