Can somebody explain this the origin I mean?

Answer Telefrancais is a french video series for little kids learning french. There was a girl, a guy (named Jacque I think), and a pineapple.

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Somebody PLEASE explain this New stance on circumcision?

Circumcision medical literature reflects the pro-circumcision bias of circumcised American researchers who seek to find benefits and avoid studying the harms of circumcision. The answer to any rese... Read More »

What does this mean please explain everything!!!!!!?

It means it left a sorting facility. Mail has to be processed at sorting facilities to get to it's correct destination. Electronic Shipping Info Received, April 23, 2013: This is when the system up... Read More »

Can somebody help, or explain to me how to make my own website?

The easiest way is to get Dreamweaver. It's a web design program and it's really easy to use. I'd have a a basic understanding of html first though. Here's a good site to learn a little:http://www.... Read More »

Can somebody explain to me as if I was from another planet : what is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is wireless connectivity. In other words, it is a way of connecting mobile phones to other mobiles phones and devices without wires. Using radio waves similar to a remote control toy, Blu... Read More »