Can somebody convert this .rar file into a .exe file?

Answer i would do it but the website says file not founduse a reliable hosting like they never delete files

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How to convert a 'tagged image file format' file into a 'JPG' file?

Most of the answers are off here. Go to this site and get GIMP. Its free. Install it and open your TIF file and re-save it as a jpeg. Simple and easy.

How to Convert a Text File Into a Computer Read Audio File?

Having a computer convert text to an audio file is useful for the visual impaired, the illiterate, people with learning disabilities, those learning a new language, and students of just about every... Read More »

How do I convert a pdf file into a word software file?

Sometimes a document must be presented in a format that is not easily changeable. For that reason, the PDF format is a popular means to creating documents that are not meant for editing.Sometimes, ... Read More »

How can I convert a MrSid file into a TIFF file?

Download the MrSid viewer from Lizard Tech. The viewer has a function to write (export) a MrSid file to a TIFF file.