Can some technology-savvy people help me out with a computer question?

Answer Its good advice I do mine each year as an when my antivirus comes up for renewal. What you should do is save all your personal files that you wish to keep, letters, photo’s and copy them to a mem... Read More »

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How to Parent Technology Savvy Children?

There’s no doubt that most kids and teenagers love the Internet. They are the first generation of digital natives. Although children may understand the workings of the Internet better than their ... Read More »

Question to savvy bakers only?

It would probably be OK though after 24 hours I would have expected the dough to fall (deflate). If this was its first raising, I'd say the yeast has consumed most if not all of the sugar and has e... Read More »

Avast question, answer if your comp savvy ; )?

Yes - Avast scans the websites you visit because many sites have pass by attack exploits where just visiting them can infect you. It scans your email too because emails can contain spyware or virus... Read More »

How can I place my pictures in my computer Sorry not Computer savvy~?

You can use a digital camera to take pics and upload them, or you can buy a scanner and scan them in. HP has the best stuff around with reasonable prices.