Can some acne medications cause a miscarriage?

Answer Dealing with acne during pregnancy can be a challenge, since some of the most popular treatments can put your baby at risk. Although several acne treatments can lead to birth defects, Accutane is t... Read More »

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What medications can cause miscarriage?

Answer miscarriage hi, I asked myself this question when I had my first miscarriage. I got really bad morning sickness and decided I needed to do something about it without consulting a doctor. Don... Read More »

What are severe acne medications?

Severe acne often causes deep, painful cysts on your face, back and chest, and requires treatment to improve your appearance and decrease your physical discomfort. While mild cases of acne often re... Read More »

Tips on Clearing Up Acne Without Medications?

There are a few tips that greatly decrease and prevent the occurrences of acne breakouts. In addition, these tips will clear present acne more quickly. Acne is caused by bacteria or oil build up as... Read More »

Types of Three-Step Acne Medications?

Treating acne is difficult. There are a ton of variables to account for, including skin type, skin sensitivity, environment, allergies, etc. But over the years, one thing has remained constant abou... Read More »