Can soaking your foot in vinegar and then going jogging really break your foot?

Answer no, but those wil be some stinky sneakers...whew

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What is going on if you found out you were pregnant and then drank a little vinegar and then your period started and now your stomach hurts?

Answer YOU are probably having a very early miscarriage. It is thought that about 50% of pregnancies end at or around the time of the first period before the woman even knows she is ptregnant. Up... Read More »

Is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?

It's possible, and by the way, it would depend what type and size of pressure your puttting your foot under.

Can you walk if you break the bridge of your foot?

A person may be able to walk with a fractured bridge, or midfoot, and the injury is often mistaken for a sprain. If the injury is severe enough, you may not be able to stand, much less walk. Regard... Read More »

Can you break your foot and still be able to walk on it?

FALSE! The old "if you can move it, it's not broke" saying is absolutely not true, and I've witnessed it many many times. In fact, several years ago I thought I had just sprained my ankle, was wa... Read More »