Can snails come out of their shell?

Answer yes they do !

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Can you see what someone is doing on their computer with their root shell?

your root shell...has nothing to do with watching wat your doing on your computer.that is something that your operating system is using to function, no need for you to really know the details, but ... Read More »

Why do snails come out in the rain?

Snails and slugs are often just under the surface of things like boards, rocks, etc. If their area gets too damp they will surface to keep from drownding. The snails and slugs live in the dark l... Read More »

Do snails outgrow their shells?

Snails do not outgrow their shells. If a snail grows larger, the shell also grows larger to accommodate the snail. A snail can secrete shell material from its body to continue building the shell sp... Read More »

Do snails shed their shells?

Snails do not shed their shells. The snail's sole, head, shell and internal organs are all connected, so a snail cannot live without a shell. A snail's shell grows with the snail.Source:Fish Pond I... Read More »