Can smooching lead to pregnancy?

Answer Smooching can lead to sex that leads to pregnancy, but smooching alone will not make you pregnant.

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How can teen pregnancy lead to poverty?

After the boy makes the girl pregnant, the love will not last for ever, as most of these pregnancies came about through accident or ignorance, then after a while the boywill leave the girl, and pov... Read More »

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

Answer drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands Answer Underage smoker nods out on ... Read More »

Can having sex during of menstruation lead to pregnancy?

Odds are low but Yes, you can still get pregnant.FYI, you can also have your period while you are pregnant

Sex on 12th day of periods will lead to pregnancy?

Sex on any day of your cycle can lead to pregnancy. Please use condoms.