Can smoking near your computer damage anything?

Answer your lungs

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Does smoking next to your computer damage it?

yes it will with time damage all appliances within the smokers area i used to fix tv many years ago and smokers dont sit right in front of their tv . but when a set was inspected inside you could f... Read More »

Does smoking damage the lungs?

On One Hand: Smoking Causes Lung DamageSmoking increases your risk of developing lung conditions such as pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smokers are also more likely to suffer from whe... Read More »

If you quit smoking, how much damage can be repaired?

On One Hand: Effects of Quitting NowTwenty minutes after the last cigarette, blood pressure and pulse rate decrease. Eight hours later the carbon monoxide, which lowers oxygen in the blood, lowers ... Read More »

I have been smoking cannabis almost daily for around 10 years.What damage have I done to myself?

I believe u may have bought a one way ticket to shrivelled testicles-ville!In all seriousness, different websites will tell u different things but the general concensus is that it affects sperm cou... Read More »