Can smoking mugwort cause blindness?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking Mugwort Does Not Cause BlindnessMugwort is a member of the daisy family whose dried leaves are promoted as an herbal remedy that is said to be useful in treating everything fro... Read More »

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Has anyone in here ever used Mugwort, and had unpleasant side effects from it?

I like to make mugwort tea and take kava capsules for mellow dreamy states.Please don't take more than 600mgs of kava in 12 hours it can cause blood pressure issues and cuuse has ... Read More »

What are the effects of mugwort tea also how do I brew it, what is the dosage?

There are many homeopathic uses for the Mugwort--Artemisia vulgaris, L., also known as Felon Herb. But you didn't mention what your intention treatment use was for. ? Different parts of the plant... Read More »

Does diabetes really cause blindness?

It can, and it can cause loss of limbs and kidneys, if not cared for and trated properly.

Causes of Blindness How to Blind Yourself?

Well I know that you have to look at the sun in order to get blind. Or you get something stuck in your eye. and it cant get out.Thats all I know how you can get blind.