Can smoking make you skinnier?

Answer On One Hand: Quitting can Result in Weight GainAccording to, gaining weight after smoking cessation is common. The reason is that nicotine, which is in most cigarettes, can act as an... Read More »

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Does smoking weed make someone skinnier?

to the people above, theres a difference between buying food you need to eat to survive and buying munchy food. But yeah i don't think just smoking weed makes you skinny. I know potheads that are... Read More »

How to Make Yourself Look Skinnier?

This is a basic article on how to make yourself look skinnier for women.

How to Make a Picture Skinnier?

Reasons to make a picture skinnier are numerous. Perhaps you are uploading a picture and are faced with stringent sizing guidelines. Maybe you are working in a word processor and wish to have space... Read More »

How to Dress to Make Yourself Look Skinnier?

Plenty of people feel self-conscious about their weight, and many may even feel insecure about how heavy they think they look. With a few simple fashion tricks, however, you can help yourself look ... Read More »