Can smoking make me shorter?

Answer On One Hand: Yes It CanSmoking can stunt your growth during puberty, even if you only inhale secondhand smoke, according to the website Additionally, if your mother smoked while pre... Read More »

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Do you ever get your hair cut and watch in horror as it keeps getting shorter and shorter and you just want to?

That just happens to me naturally.But short and sassy looks good on you.Let's eat each other up.

How to make urself shorter?

Why in the world would you want to get shorter?! I'm super short, my dream is to grow a few more inches. At least you can fit into all those nice clothes, dresses and bras!! Even though you want to... Read More »

How do i make my skirt shorter?

hem it. If you don't know how bring it to a tailor and get it done there. It costs less than $10.

I am 13 and how can i make myself shorter?

believe me kid youll be thankful one dayy tall guys are hott