Will social smoking cause cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Social Smoking Is CommonMany people enjoy smoking the occasional cigarette or cigar in a social situation. While they do not consider themselves regular smokers and do not smoke every ... Read More »

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Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?

Dana,Marijuana has aproximately 8 carcinogens - while cigarrettes have over 42. Orange Juice, in Comparison, has 12 - and a small town smog has about 80 - a city has about 120.Your body intakes and... Read More »

Does passive smoking cause cancer?

most definetly.If anything science have indicated that passive smoking may be even worse than actually smoking the ciggerate yourself

Does Cigerette Smoking Cause Lung Cancer?

yes and no...there is strong causative evidence but no conclusive exclusive evidence concerning cigarettes and lung cancer...and all smoke is a lung and bronchi irritant (which is while there is no... Read More »

Why is smoking so popular despite being the leading cause of cancer?

It's addictive as hell and when you are trying to quit you will use any excuse in the world to have a cigarette again, Being stressed out or sad due to something that happened to you is an ideal ex... Read More »