Can smoking harm babies?

Answer Yes. Babies exposed to tobacco smoke have an increase risk of cot death and are more susceptible to colds, asthma, glue ear, chest and ear infections.

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Can smoking around my laptop harm it?

Hey where you been man you can´t be smoking round your LT, have´nt you notice it sometimes slows down? its all that passive smoke man the hard drives breathing that sxxt in. Give it up, not just ... Read More »

Does smoking weed harm your baby in any way?

Yes of course, that is why they tell you not to smoke it when pregnant.

Can fabric dyes harm babies if ingested?

Clothing dyes are much safer these days than they once were, but they do contain substances that are harmful when ingested in large amounts, especially with babies and young children. Unless the dy... Read More »

Is there any harm in babies eating grass?