Can Smoking Cigarettes cause Itching?

Answer You are thinking of heroin perhaps.I don't know Nix, do you have pustular psoriasis? lolI had never heard of it till then, this what they say...Quit Smoking. If you have psoriasis or a family histo... Read More »

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Can smoking cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Genetic FactorsAndrogenetic alopecia is the condition that is responsible for normal male and female pattern baldness. This condition is a hereditary condition attributed to androgens,... Read More »

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

To see the link between smoking and hair loss, you will have to understand about how human hair works and what smoking does to the body. Hair is part of the biggest organ in the human body, and it ... Read More »

Which medical conditions cause weight loss?

While many people try to lose weight, not all weight loss is intentional. Some medical conditions can cause weight loss and should be monitored. If you have begun losing weight with no changes to y... Read More »

Does green tea drinking alone cause weight loss?

On One Hand: Standardized ExtractsMuch has been made about green tea possibly promoting weight loss.However, the green tea at the root of the commotion is the extract, not the liquid tea. The extra... Read More »