Can smoke from wildfires cause signal loss to television network satellites?

Answer Yes. Since the signal is beamed from space, anything in the path of it, even smoke/heavy cloud cover, can cause interference.

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I have dish network and when i try to watch hd channels it says complete signal loss?

Check your wires to make sure they have not come loose (the coax going from the Dish receiver to the dish on the roof).Make sure nothing has crept up and is blocking the dish from seeing the un-obs... Read More »

Is the switchover from analog to digital television signal in the US an end of times sign?

IT IS!It is the end of the ANALOG Times. This was spoken of by the great apostate CT RUSSELL. He said that when the Analog times ended, Armageddon would follow and that the Evil Empire called COMC... Read More »

Are a digital television signal& an HDTV signal the same?

Digital television broadcasts can take several forms and HDTV is only one of the types broadcast quality-level formats available. Additional digital television formats include the basic resolution ... Read More »

How do satellites relay television images?

Originally used to spy on governments and countries, satellites are used for nearly every aspect of our lives. From television and radio to phone conversations and even getting weather information,... Read More »