Can sitting too long in a certain way cause pelvic pain?

Answer On One Hand: Pain Is Usually Caused By A Medical ConditionPelvic pain is typically caused by a gynecological problem or medical condition. For example, the following gynecological conditions might ... Read More »

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Can thinking you have pelvic pain cause that pain?

On One Hand: There is a ConnectionDoctors do believe that there is a psychological connection to pelvic pain, and that certain actions of the brain could cause you to experience pelvic discomfort. ... Read More »

Can hip osteoarthritis cause pelvic pain?

On One Hand: Hip Osteoarthritis Can Cause Pelvic PainPain, according to Medscape, is the most important symptom of osteoarthritis. In an issue of "Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of No... Read More »

Can ovulation cause pain in the pelvic area?

On One Hand: Ovulation Can Be PainfulOvulation, the process through which an ovary in the female reproductive system releases an egg to be fertilized, can be painful. Pain during ovulation has a na... Read More »

How long should pelvic pain persist after a fall?

On One Hand: Pain Can Be TreatedAfter a fall, pelvic pain should last no longer than 12 weeks. Depending on the severity of the injury, pelvic pain can be the result of swollen muscles, bruised bon... Read More »