Can your knee hurt from sitting at your desk all day?

Answer oh sure my butt hurts some days. lately it's been my eyes the most from staring at the damn screen!

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Has anyone ever had laser eye surgery Does it hurt Is your vision really any better?

I have had Lasik, and my vision is perfect now (and it's been over 2 years). The surgery only lasts a few minutes, and they will probably give you something to make you relax. My vision was fine ... Read More »

Does correcting your vision with laser surgery hurt?

Not at all! my sister had laser eye surgery and she had no pain. however for a few days after the surgery you have to wear some really darkly tinted shades because your eyes will be extremely sensi... Read More »

I just bought some 1.00 reading glasses.I have 20/20 vision. Will they hurt my eyesight?

Eye glasses most often encourage the incorrect vision habits and lead to blurrier vision.If one becomes aware of the correct vision habits and avoids the incorrect vision behaviors, then they can s... Read More »

Close captioning for my Sony KDS-60A2020 projection TV stays on despite the CC Vision being turned "Off". Help?

You've got the CC setting in the menu set to OFF right?Double-check it....Now, the CABLE BOX can produce Closed Captioning....set it to OFF also.....And if it doesn't go away, call the Cable TECH f... Read More »