Can sites I register for really sell my personal information to others?

Answer Yes. Many sites do this to make money. They use your information and sell it to advertisers so you will be sent ads relevant to your recent purchases and searches. This information is gathered f... Read More »

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When I shop on line, is it true that the sites I shop at could sell my personal information?

Yes, it's common practice. This is how a lot of their money is made. Click on the link below for a complete overview of this.

How do i block sites from getting personal information?

SettingsGo to "Start" and then to "Control Panel." In Control Panel, click on "Network and Internet Connections." Scroll down and click on "Internet Options." Choose "Privacy" at the bottom of the ... Read More »

How can I have my personal information removed from sites like Radaris,, Spokeo?

if them three pages have a web page call them up and ask them to remove you're details

Why are people stupid enough to give others they don't know personal information on the internet?

I guess people are gullible or stupid or both. I don't personally give out such information on here, I saw a question the other day about a girl telling everybody that she's a childminder and look... Read More »