Can singing to your plants help them grow?

Answer Yes plants need carbon dioxide to go through the process of photosnnythesis. When you breathe out that's what you produce. The more you breathe on your plant, the faster it will grow. PROMISE!

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Does talking to your plants actually help them grow?

There doesn't really seem to be any conclusive scientific evidence supporting the notion that talking to plants has any affect on them, positive or negative. But there also isn't any evidence which... Read More »

Will Screming At plants help them grow?

you should try whispering to them.I bet they would like that a lot better than all the loud yelling.ahaa :)nice.

Do you think talking to your plants will make them grow faster?

yes the do i seen it on mythbusters today

What plants grow in Minnesota and when do you plant them?

Only icicles grow in Minnesota, just kidding! There are too many things to list so if you just moved to MN most of the local nursery and greenhouses are going to only stock plants, trees and shrubs... Read More »