Can simvastatin cause an all over body rash?

Answer On One Hand: Simvastatin lowers bad cholesterolZocor (simvastatin) belongs to the statin family of cholesterol-lowering medications. Research has shown that Zocor can help greatly reduce the coron... Read More »

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What if your baby has a cold severe diaper rash and a rash all over his body what could this be?

There are a number of conditions that could cause a full body rash with or without cold symptoms. This is a question for your pediatrician.

What causes knots of various sizes on the head and body a dime-sized rash on the entire body and hoarseness in the voice?

Possible Allergic Reaction It could be you are allergic to something. Go see your Doctor and/or an Allergist. Knots on the head and dime-sized rash on the body sounds exactly like hives, or urtic... Read More »

Does teething cause a rash on the body?

It is unlikely that teething causes any type of rash on the body. It may be a coincidence.

How to remove a Fungal rash on body?

Tea tree oil added to dandruff shampoo used as a body wash. Take oil of oregano capsules. Six in the morning and six at night.