Can siblings be taxed on signing over an inherited home to mom when dad dies?

Answer I dont KNOW! plz someone tell me its for my homework! I'm not sure if I am a bit late, but I know he has a sister, but that's all who I know of :-)

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If a father dies and wills the family home to his son does his son also inherit the contents of the home or does can it legally be divided among the rest of the siblings?

Can siblings force the sale of inherited property in New Jersey?

What is the first step to selling inherited property left to siblings in another state?

The short answer would be yes. It depends on the STD and what damage it did to your fallopian tubes and uterus.If you had a successful course of antibiotics soon after contracting the STD, you are ... Read More »

Could a notary notarise documents signing over the portion of their mothers house for their other siblings?

I don't think anyone knows but him. I can't find anything that shows him having siblings. Kit and Jacques Snicket aren't real they're only from the book.