Can shrubs grow in hot climates?

Answer Shrubs can grow in hot climates. In order to keep your shrubs healthy, it is important to place them away from the house in hot climates so that they can take advantage of any natural breezes.Sourc... Read More »

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Can shrubs grow in tropical climates?

Shrubs can grow in tropical climates. Shrubs are woody, multi-stemmed and usually less than 10 feet in height. Tropical climates provide shrubs with rich soil and humid growing conditions. Shrubs t... Read More »

How do I grow oriental lilies in warmer climates?

Bulb PreparationChill oriental lily bulbs for a period of 6 to 8 weeks during the fall to winter months in warm climates where temperatures do not fall into the thirties for an extended amount of t... Read More »

Varieties of apple trees that grow well in hot weather climates?

Fruit trees are VERY region specific. Different varieties require different chill hours and different growing conditions. Some are more disease prone in warmer regions. For fruit productions man... Read More »

Why will shrubs grow before trees?

Because they're lower growing and because they have shallower roots are the reasons why shrubs tend to grow and reach their mature height before trees. Shrubs that mature to a height of around 30 f... Read More »