Can she get pregnant after 7 hours taking birth control pill late?

Answer If she has been taking a pill every day, no. The number of hours has nothing to do with it, but if she skips pills and doesn't take them as followed by directions she can get pregnant.

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Can I get pregnant if I start the birth control pill late?

Birth control pills are about 92 to 97.7 percent effective as a birth control method when taken as directed. Therefore, there is roughly a two to eight percent chance of getting pregnant using the ... Read More »

Can i get pregnant if i am on the birth control pill&taking antibiotics?

On One Hand: Pregnancy Can OccurAccording to, certain antibiotic medicines may reduce the efficacy of birth control pills. It is recommended that women use a back-up method of cont... Read More »

Is is safe to continue taking the birth control pill if you think you are pregnant?

Answer Is it safe for you? yes. Is it safe for the (possible) baby? Probably not. But isn't that why you are on bc in the first place? Answer ABSOLUTLY NOT...DONT TAKE THEM IF YOU THINK YOUR PRE... Read More »

If you stop taking birth control pills the day after you have sex can you get pregnant from that intercourse?

Depends on how long you have been on the pill. If it isn't at least one cycle you can get pregnant. If you have been on them for several months the chances are slim.