Can sharks grind their teeth?

Answer Some of them can. They are called "Lone Sharks" and they typically use a rotary grinder or a disc grinder. The smart ones use eye protection, you can never be too safe.

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Why do dogs grind their teeth?

Dogs who grind their teeth can cause concern for their owners. A trip to the vet will help determine the cause of your dog's tooth grinding.PainTooth grinding can mean a dog has dental or oral pain... Read More »

How many teeth do whitetip sharks have all of their life?

All sharks have several rows of teeth, and the whitetip shark is no exception. When a shark loses a tooth, or the teeth become worn, teeth from the back rows move forward to fill the spaces. A whit... Read More »

Why would someone have teeth growing out of their gums above other teeth in the front of their mouth?

Answer Lack of space causes this.It happens a lot to children that their permanent teeth come before the milk tooth fall out. To be sure, ask the dentist if there is a problem. Most of the time thi... Read More »

Do nurse sharks have teeth?

Nurse sharks have thousands of fan-shaped teeth. The shark uses these serrated teeth to crack open the tough exteriors of shellfish. When old teeth are broken and worn away, new ones move forward i... Read More »