Can severe coughing harm my baby?

Answer No

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Lower back pain, made severe when coughing?

Blessings. yes take him back, he need some pain killer and some penicillin. I'm not a Doctor, but my mom work in the medical field I just asked her. She said he need some pain killer for the pai... Read More »

Why does a smoker after a very severe coughing fit where he doubled over, light up a cigarette 1st thing?

Pfft! After the stress of going through all of that, one needs a ciggie to calm oneself down....Don't you know anything? :P

How do you stop baby coughing?

Take the baby to the doctor.Antibiotics if necessary.If it is Croupe..The cough sounds like a seal bark or wheezing.moist air helpsRegardless, If your child is sick and coughing doesnt stop..Get ba... Read More »

Why is your baby coughing?

As it is known that our bodies or shall i say our immune system has the ability to fight infections ,it fights them in a way we wouldn't understand but coughing is on of the ways our body gets rid ... Read More »