Can self adhesive tiles be placed directly on a concrete floor?

Answer Self-adhesive vinyl tiles can be placed on dry concrete flooring. The Utah State University Cooperative Extension recommends that you air-dry the concrete for a period of several months instead of ... Read More »

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How do I lay self-adhesive floor tiles?

Prepare the FloorSweep and mop the floor. Allow this to dry. Apply a floor primer made for applying vinyl flooring. Two coats of this are usually required. Find the center of the room using chalk l... Read More »

How do I remove self-adhesive floor tiles?

Hold a heat gun or a hair dryer set on "high" over the corner of a self-adhesive floor tile.Slip a wide putty knife or a floor scraper under the edge of the tile while you continue heating it.Pry u... Read More »

Can I add extra glue to self-adhesive floor tiles in problem areas?

Extra glue can be used with tiling problem areas. When tile is installed in an area with a buckle or will have a heavy object placed on it, put about 1/16 of an inch of additional glue on the tile ... Read More »

How can you place Vinyl floor tiles directly on the sub floor?

Usually. Most peel-and-stick vinyl tiles have a decent glue and will adhere to a clean and relatively smooth subfloor. Make sure it is not OSB or particle board subfloor as peel and stick will not ... Read More »