Can seizures cause brain damage in dogs?

Answer Seizures in dogs can be caused by several factors, including epilepsy, viruses and trauma. If a dog's seizure lasts for 10 minutes or longer, there is a very real possibility of severe and permanen... Read More »

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Seizures and Brain Tumors in Dogs?

A seizure can be a frightening experience for both the dog and the owner. Seizures may be caused by various things including a brain tumor. Both the brain tumor and seizures have a possibility of b... Read More »

Can enlarged ventricles in the brain of an infant cause brain damage?

honestly i don't know exactly what it can do, but thinking logically if any thing is enlarged especially when things developing , has gotta do something. my daughter however was diagonosed with thi... Read More »

What is the cause of seizures in dogs?

The onset of seizures in a dog can be a confusing and frightening experience for a pet owner. Seizures in canines can be caused by a variety of conditions and circumstances.EpilepsyThe most common ... Read More »

Seizures in Lab Dogs?

Seizures in Labrador retrievers may be caused by metabolic conditions such as low blood sugar and high ammonia levels in the body. Seizure disorders are thought by veterinarians to be an inherited ... Read More »