Can security scanners damage a digital camera?

Answer I don't think so, it's probably just had a tough ride. You could take it to a repair shop and ask them to change the screen, costs quite a bit but should solve the problem :)Help with mine please?h... Read More »

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Can semen damage my digital camera if my bf got some on it?

No, but you may find yourself kneedeep in little cameras that have your boyfriends nose :)

Can airport x-ray machines damage your digital camera memory?

Many travelers worry that airport x-ray machines will damage their camera's memory or the memory cards. So far, there is little proof that airport x-ray screening machines can damage your camera's ... Read More »

Can filming a computer screen damage a digital camera?

Is it possible to damage a digital camera by placing on or near electronic equipment such as a playstation2?

AnswerNot a playstation. If it was introduced to very strong magnetic field or high heat maybe then it might be a factor. If my camera was left beside the PlayStation then it didnt work the first t... Read More »