Can secondhand smoke cause stomach cancer?

Answer Secondhand smoke can cause several forms of cancer other than lung cancer, such as stomach cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. When you breathe in other people's tobacco smoke, the ca... Read More »

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Does coffee cause stomach cancer?

According to a scientific study that was conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund in 1997, consumption of coffee on a regular basis has not been shown to cause stomach cancer.Source:Coffee Scien... Read More »

Does cigarette smoke cause cancer?

On One Hand: Cigarette Smoke Can Cause CancerCigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals that can potentially cause cancer in both smokers and nonsmokers. Smoking tobacco can cause cancer in the lungs... Read More »

Is secondhand smoke worse than smoking?

On One Hand: Secondhand Smoke is DangerousA 2005 study published in "Circulation" magazine found that people exposed to secondhand smoke are 30 percent more likely to develop coronary heart disease... Read More »

Is secondhand smoke from pot bad for pregnant women?

Answer It's likely better than cig smoke. Don't sit in a room filled with any kind of smoke regardless of what it is. Answer Yes - inhaling or not, you can do a lot of damage to the unborn baby...... Read More »