Can second mortgages improve credit score?

Answer On One Hand: Second Mortgages Can Improve Credit scoresIf a borrower uses a second mortgage properly, its impact on the credit score can be a positive one. If the borrower pays on the debt on time ... Read More »

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What is a good credit score for mortgages?

On One Hand: Scores Greater than 700According to the Consumer Federation of America, a credit score of 700 or more is a good credit score for a mortgage. Information prepared by the agency and publ... Read More »

Does paying a credit card in advance improve your credit score?

On One Hand: Early Payment Avoids Late FeesA late payment on a credit card, even one day late, can seriously impact your credit score. Processing delays can turn even a timely payment into one that... Read More »

Will the"Credit Secrets Bible"really improve my credit score?

On One Hand: It Contains Valuable Information.The "Credit Secrets Bible" program is based on proven techniques for repairing your credit score. It offers no miracle cures or innovative ideas, but t... Read More »

Do prepaid credit cards improve your credit score?

On One Hand: No Reporting to Credit BureausYou fund prepaid credit cards with your own personal income, so unlike with a traditional bank-issued credit line, there's nothing for the card issuer to ... Read More »