: Can second hand marijuana smoke make yhu fail a 10 + 2 drug test ?

Answer It would take an extreme amount of second hand smoke in order for you to fail your drug test. For example, being in a closed car with several cannabis smokers for several hours MAY cause you to fai... Read More »

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Can you a fail drug test from second hand pot smoke?

Lol, no. You can smoke and then pass 3 days later if you really try. You're fine.

Could second hand smoke cause me to fail my oral drug test?

Take your concert ticket to the testing and ask them that question. That way you have preempted any negative results.

Will second hand weed smoke cause you to fail a drug test?

You should be fine. Even if it did get in your bloodstream (which would be hard) it wouldn't be alot, and probably wouldn't even show up. I hope you find a better job. :) good luck.

How long can second hand marijuana smoke remain in your system?

you can test positive for 2nd hand smoke if you were exposed to enough fumes. You could potentially test positive in urine for as long as 90 days if you are a hard core (over exposed) user of mari... Read More »