Can sealed adoption records be unsealed?

Answer When people use the term "adoption records" it is somewhat vague. Which records they mean can vary greatly. However, most people are talking about accessing the original birth certificate when they... Read More »

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Should adoption records be sealed?

On One Hand: Protection From Stigma of IllegitimacyAccording to family law attorney Douglas Loomer, the government's practice of sealing adoption records protects all parties involved. The adoptee ... Read More »

Why do you think adoption records are sealed?

i think it's too allow the afamily to bond as a family. open adoption was something considered back then and i think people wanted to bond as a family, natural or not and having that lingering tho... Read More »

Finding sealed adoption records?

that dumb selfish bitch! think about the adopted child and what it'll do to them!

About Sealed Adoption Records in Michigan?

According to the Michigan Department of Human Services, state law demands that the Family Independence Agency (FIA), a state agency that helps families with financial and mental issues and protects... Read More »