Can scratching bites cause bruises?

Answer Yes, scratching bites can cause bruising. You are pressing too hard and you shouldn't be scratching the bites.

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I have 18 Mosquito bites, I keep scratching?

2 things i like to do ... 1 CROSSING - use ur fingernail make a X on the bump ... quits itching for about 2 hours2 LOTION - put a bit of lotion on it it will co... Read More »

How do I prevent myself from scratching mosquito bites?

Do rat bites cause rabies?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website states that all mammals can get the rabies virus. A bite from an infected rat could theoretically cause rabies, but rats infected with the vir... Read More »

Why am i getting mosquito bites or some kind of bug bites after the pool its annoying :(?

maybe ur aluget to a chemical in the water.