Can scientists construct real gundams?

Answer Scientists in Japan have conducted research into creating gundams--giant robot suits from the anime series of the same name--but have not yet created a working model. According to the Japanese Scie... Read More »

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How to Eliminate Seam Lines on Gundams?

While Mobile Suit Gundam appeared on Japanese television in the late 1970s, its popularity has not decreased. In 2009, a 59-foot Gundam towered over Tokyo. In 2008, the Japan Science and Technology... Read More »

Why Do Scientists Use Scales?

Scientists use scales to precisely measure the weight of scientific samples. The exact weight of an object can be useful for determining its other properties, including its mass and composition. A ... Read More »

What did the scientists do in Apollo 11?

Actually there were no human scientists on the Apollo 11.

The Salary of Biomedical Scientists?

In the world of science, research and experimentation is used for the purpose of understanding the human body and diseases that affect it. Biomedical scientists work to help people live longer and... Read More »